Put Me in the Zoo


This is my first blog post which I was motivated to create by the desire to participate in Project Run & Play.  My daughter has always loved giraffes and still has her giraffe lovey from her infant years.  I decided to make her outfit inspired by giraffes.  This was slightly more challenging than I expected and definitely took far longer than I expected.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any time for fancy settings for the pictures.

IMG_4745 (2)IMG_4742 (3)

I started with the using the giraffe pattern (a little literal, but felt right) to make a cape from Oliver + S to represent the soft cover of the sweet animal.  The pants have an elasticized cuff to help accentuate the small ankles and make her look longer.  They also have contrasting tan stitching to add a little more detail.  I wanted the blouse to be more flowing and just show softness and gentleness.  It’s made from the peasant blouse pattern by Aesthetic Nest.

IMG_4761 IMG_4759 (2) IMG_4756 (2)

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