Boho Chic: Project Run and Play Week 3

I was so excited about this week’s challenge:  Boho Chic!  I’m not sure if I truly met the challenge but I sure had fun trying.  It was a great excuse to use a Liberty of London fabric that I had purchased from Mood Fabrics in NYC a few years ago. I used the Oliver + S Hide and Seek dress pattern with a few modifications.  Here’s a picture on the form, and I hope to take some on my daughter and post them later.


I loved this pattern for the sheer reason that it had such a great yoke that had so many options.  I debated weather to use decorative stitches or lace on it and landed on some fun lace I found.  IMG_4401

The sleeves just called for some additional gathers and lace to go along with the free spirit boho feel.  And an added bonus is that this dress has pockets (slightly hidden with the pattern of the fabric.)


It’s not easy being green

Greenery is the second challenge for this season of Project Run and Play.  I ended up making a tunic using Oliver +S Building Block Dress book.  My daughter  loves the tassels on it. To go with the top I modified the Sunny Days short pattern to make a spring/cruise-wear type of outfit.  If I were to do it again, I’d probably lengthen the shirt just a bit more and line it as well as use a thicker fabric for the shorts.  Overall, my daughter and I were pleased with the outcome.


It’s All about That Place

I’m so excited that Project Run and Play to be happening again.  I feel like I could have done so many things for this challenge, but it was the fabric I had found that determined what I decided to make.  The result was a bit literal for the challenge, but I fell in love this Rifle Paper Co fabric.  So this represents the world I’d like to travel (a few of which I’ve been to) and the places I hope my children get to see.  Of course, Paris is on the top of her list so she was upset that Eiffel Tower wasn’t centered on the dress.  I used one of my favorite patterns, the Fairy Tale dress pattern from Oliver + S.   I just added a little more fullness to the skirt.


The most difficult decision was what to do with the waist as to not distract from the gorgeous fabric.  I originally wanted a simple ribbon waistband with a small bow but opted for just the small bow in the end.

My daughter has already gotten a chance to wear the dress when her class went to see the Seattle Symphony.FullSizeRender