It’s All about That Place

I’m so excited that Project Run and Play to be happening again.  I feel like I could have done so many things for this challenge, but it was the fabric I had found that determined what I decided to make.  The result was a bit literal for the challenge, but I fell in love this Rifle Paper Co fabric.  So this represents the world I’d like to travel (a few of which I’ve been to) and the places I hope my children get to see.  Of course, Paris is on the top of her list so she was upset that Eiffel Tower wasn’t centered on the dress.  I used one of my favorite patterns, the Fairy Tale dress pattern from Oliver + S.   I just added a little more fullness to the skirt.


The most difficult decision was what to do with the waist as to not distract from the gorgeous fabric.  I originally wanted a simple ribbon waistband with a small bow but opted for just the small bow in the end.

My daughter has already gotten a chance to wear the dress when her class went to see the Seattle Symphony.FullSizeRender


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